Project Funding

Does your facility or campus qualify for a fully or partially funded multi-carrier neutral host DAS? There are funding options available. Contact us for more details.

Funding for Multi-Carrier Neutral Host DAS

Your facility and/or campus may well meet the requirements that carriers are looking for as they enhance their RF signal into buildings/venues.

Broadwave Wireless has teamed up with multiple partners, with communications facilities developers, operators, and owners who specialize in funding both in-building and outdoor carrier network infrastructure. Their knowledge and skill in carrier negotiations is critical in closing your deal. Carriers participate in third-party multi-carrier neutral host projects for a number of reasons:

  • Inability of their RF signal to penetrate the building/venue due to building materials
  • Substantial number of users at building/venue location
  • Carrier lacking a relationship with building/venue owner
  • Large square footage and/or acreage
  • High cost of deployment and/or the ongoing maintenance not feasible for a single carrier solution
  • High prominence of the building/venue

Broadwave also offers lease options for ERRCS systems as well as carrier DAS systems with repayment ranges from 36-60 months.